Hello everyone!
Congratulations to those of you that performed this past weekend at the Olympia Dance Festival!  Now, its full speed ahead for Sorcerer's Apprentice!  Following is an updated rehearsal schedule.

Friday, March 9th (no school in Centralia, early release in Chehalis)
1:30-2:30 Young sorcerer and young girl
2:30-3:30 Knights

Saturday, March 10th
11:15-12:30 Water Sprites - Brooms join at 11:45 (Studio B)
12:30-2:00 BTW Company class
12:30-1:15 Goblins (no king) - Studio B
1:15-2:00 Chef and Chicken - Studio B
2:00-2:45 Laundresses and washer girl
2:00-2:30 Goblin King (Studio B)
2:30-3:15 Carpenter Apprentices (Studio B)
2:45-3:15 Apprentice
3:15-4:15 Mazurka and finale (carpenters, florists, laundresses, washer girl, apprentice, butterfly; sorcerer and village girls to join at 3:45)
4:15-4:45 Sorcerer and apprentice
4:45-5:15 Apprentice and cat
5:15-5:45 Magical acrobat

Sunday, March 11th
1:00-2:00 Leaves

Monday, March 12th
8:00-8:30 Lead Broom and Apprentice

Friday, March 16th
6:45-7:30 Knights (apprentice joins at 7:15)
7:30-8:00 Apprentice

Saturday, March 17th
11:45-12:15 Magical acrobat
12:30-2:00 BTW Company class
12:30-1:00 Village boys
1:00-1:45 Chef and Chicken
2:00-3:00 Leaves with Forest King and Queen
3:00-3:30 Laundresses, washer girl and apprentice
3:30-4:15 Florists (apprentice joins at 4pm)
4:15-4:45 Apprentice and cat
4:45-6:30 Water scene - Brooms, water sprites, goblins, apprentice

Sunday, March 18th
12:30-1:15 Carpenters, apprentice, Max and Owen

Welcome to Ballet Theatre of Washington!

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Mission Statement:

The Company

To cultivate an appreciation for the artistry and athleticism of ballet by staging affordable, full-scale productions for the Centralia-Chehalis area and surrounding rural communities; to provide opportunities for local dancers to extend their training beyond the classroom setting through experiences that will challenge and stretch them as performers and provide a glimpse of the world of professional ballet.